This page is made to show one of the printables of Bubble Guppies, which is a Bubble Guppies Birthday Party


Bubble Guppies are always ready for a party and now your little one's can be too! There's all sorts of yummy foods to make, activities to play, cards and notes, and all sorts of items one can make. Even a special Party Planner in order to make the party go swimmingly~!

The planner goes as follows:

  1. Greet the guest with big smiles! Have a designated spot for jackes, bags, presents, and so fourth.
  2. For 15 minutes, have free play and coloring. This will help those who may be a little shy open up a bit more and settle in.
  3. During the next 15 minutes have everyone play a fun game of Fisketball! (See crafts)
  4. For 15 more minutes let Children play with clay on paper plates and make their favorite under the sea pup!
  5. 15 minutes of pin the tail on the guppy!
  6. 10 minutes for photographs
  7. 15 minutes for dessert time. Have a Duck Pie for a joke.
  8. open gifts by taking 5-20 minutes for this. Gifts can be opened after the party also and some parents may wish to write who gave what, in order to make thank you cards easier later on.
  9. Goody Bags and Goobyes should take 10-15 minutes afterwards to end the party.

Party Invites and Thank You CardsEdit

- Your kids can o-fish-ally invite their friends to a Guppies Birthday Bash!

- Gobs of Guppy gratitude grace the thank you cards

- Decorative party stickers for invites, gifts, & goody bags


From tabletoppers, hanging decorations and birthday banners, and so on.

Why not make a decoratoin with fish on it?

Party FavouritesEdit

From photo posters, to pin the tail on the guppy

Party Favours and HandoutsEdit

From goody bags and riddle pops

Party Snacks and TreatsEdit

Cake toppers, cupcakes and cake pops, and so on

More InformationEdit

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