Deema (born June 8) is a young mermaid/guppy. She's the goofy "Drama Queen".

Deema loves to be the center of attention and tends to be very affectionate with her friends, giving them nicknames, or using terms of endearment with them. Such as calling Molly or Oona "Kitten". Her favorite funniest lunches are “Crayon”berry Juice, Ice Cream “Sun”dae, and 3 Little Figs.

She is voiced by Angelina Wahler.

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For such a girl so goofy, hyper and silly, Deema has loads and loads of bundled up enthusiasm. As shown by her "wacky" or "zany" behavior. Such as being the only Guppy to be upside down during the theme song when they all hold hands. She is unique and always basks in the Lime light when attention is thrown to her. Sometimes she may speak with an operatic, or fancy voice.

Anytime someone laughs is a good time for her! She tends to do things more exaggerated then most would. Be it singing or dancing joyfully or weeping melodramatically! Almost everything she does is over the top. Which could be the reason she is normally the one to do the Dance Songs, putting all that energy to good use!

Deema's closest friends seem to be Oona and Molly. Both girls love to have playdates together. But she is also usually seen with Goby, who she seems to have feelings for as given by her "flirty" nature. Deema loves to dance, act, sing, talk in funny voices, and often makes silly faces. Usually she does the store owner sketches.

Her favorite color is Red, while her favorite food is Macaroni and Cheese with Fizzy water.

Deema dislikes, and cannot stand being frightened or scared. She also dislikes garbage and squirrels.


Deema Cute
Deema appears to be similar to that of a mermaid and she is most likely American/Colombian-American/Caucasian. She has a fair complexion, brilliant blue eyes, and huge, poofy, big, and swirly bright yellow 70's hair that looks absolutely bizarre and crazy. It is worn outward on the sides of her head and top with each segment of it being its own indivisual, unique curl/bun.

For her hair to be this way, it is possibly very long.

She usually wears an orange bikini top and tail with small yellow polka dots and orange hoop earrings

Others outfits/costumesEdit

  • Chef outfit.
  • Plain T-shirts of many colors.
  • Astronaut costume.
  • Goldilocks outfit.
  • Ringmasters attire.
  • A white shirt resembling a baseball uniform with blue baseball cap and pink sunglasses.
  • Werewolf ears and snout/nose.
  • A dark purple tuxedo with black neck and bowtie and a white under shirt. She wore a matching Top hat
  • Kitty nose and ears
  • During Spooky, Deema was the Bride of Frankenstein. Her skin was greenish, and she also had eye makeup and wore a purple-gray patch dress. Her hair remained it's normal style but was black with two white streaks, and the top of it was taller.
  • In Here She Is Deema is a tooth pageant girl. a gray dress with a crown and a wand to gets crowned.
  • In one episode, Deema dyed her hair to be rainbow.
  • A white long sleeved shirt with dark vest and blue skirt and dark belt. Her cowboy hat was very light brown.
  • Red racers uniform.
  • A brown vest and a very light pair of sunglasses with pink lens over her usual bikini and tail fin.
  • Butterfly wings.
  • For the premier of Butterscotch's baby calf, Puddin'. Deema wore a white blouse, yellow move to left and right of the skirt and a long orange skirt with a single red stripes in the center. When i put the pieces together is Deema's princess long orange and yellow dress
  • Skull pirate cap
  • Light blue hero uniform. Comes with light purple cape and light blue eye-mask.
  • A butterfly with sunglasses and head cap with antennae
  • In "I Need To Rock!" Deema was dressed with a fancy white dress and her hair was white rather than the usual yellow.
    • A princess during the story has a pink princess hat and pink long princess dress in Build Me A Building. In Copley Close she went outside of the party she cant dance in 2018 at Copley Close's Halloween dance.
  • Green supermarket workers apron. Also came with A fruity hat stacked very high during her shop segment.
  • Marching band attire.
  • doctors jacket.
  • Mother nature, consisting of a white dress and flower crown around her head to be a flower girl or the bride to the wedding.
  • Construction worker outfit.
  • Jean overalls and a cowboy hat.
  • Mayor outfit with a white necklace.
  • In this episodes are all of them.
  • As a rocker Deema wore a long sleeved leather jacket over a white shirt and a purple with white patterned bandana.


"The suspence is maddening!"




"I can do it!"

"Well, you've certainly come to the right place!" (season 2 catchphrase)



  • Deema is the only female Guppy with a different actor providing her singing voice.
  • Often Deema can be seen Breaking the fourth wall.

    Season 2, Season 1

  • Deema is the only Guppy to wear Jewelry on a normal/daily basis.
  • In season 2, Deema's hair color was changed to be much brighter then in season 1 due to the new style of art used to make the series. Also, in the pop song from "Good Hair Day!", she is seen with brown hair!
  • Deema started the "Supplies!" Joke.
  • In one episode, Deema can be seen marching up a wall.
  • As her favorite truck is an Ice cream truck. This may imply she loves ice cream
  • Her hair resembles Cinnamon buns! It also appears to be a common style, as many female crabs are often shown sporting it.
  • Deema's backpack is Blue.
  • Other nicknames Deema has used: Dear (Molly and Oona) Drummer Boy (Gil) Nonners (Nonny).
  • An odd running gag consists of Deema pointing out items someone has with them.
  • In an early beta image, Deema was shown to wear pink instead of orange, with lighter pink spots all over the outfit, instead of yellow. She also had pink earrings and her hair was a MUCH brighter yellow.
  • Deema may really like Pancakes, if the way she said it in an aroused term means anything.


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