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This Page is for describing the relationship between Deema and Gil. They are 1 of 9 couples in the series and as such, this page is for facts and information on the two of them together. I think they're brother and sister.

Please keep this page accurate and do not tamper with it.


  • In Bubble Puppy!, they perform a dance song together
  • In Call a Clambulance, they did a storybook segment together and hugged once
  • In Firefighter Gil To The Rescue, they did a shop segment together
  • In Gup, Gup and Away, they walked to school together
  • In Happy Holidays Mr. Grumpfish, they did the shop segment together
  • In The Moon Rocks, they played planets together
  • In X Marks The Spot, they did the shop segment together
  • During "I Need To Rock!" Deema shows up in very fancy attire and Gil is seen bowing to her.
  • In Bubble Scrubbies, Deema and Gil were playing with each other,and shook hands.