This page is to describe the "couple" of Deema and Goby. They are one of nine relationships in the series.
Deema Goby

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Deema X GobyEdit

Deema and Goby complete each other very nicely. Deema is an easily excited, perky girl full of life, even with a bit of a diva attitude. While Goby is more calm and relaxed, with a huge imagination who loves to create new stories and adventures!

Deema really seems to like being with Goby, while Goby also really enjoys her company also. Both of them are known to do a lot of Dance songs, and have both done many shop sketches too.

General HintsEdit

  • They often pair up together.
  • Deema and Goby are the only two who do the "supplies" running gag.
  • In the theme song they are together multiple instances.
  • Often when one is shop keeper, the other is their shopper.
  • In all episodes, one of the classes background pictures is a handrawn image of Goby and Deema.

Song HintsEdit

  • Deema and Goby perform the The Spring Chicken Dance.
  • During "I Need To Rock!" Deema shows up in very fancy attire and Goby is seen bowing to her.
  • During "Brave, Brave Knight" Deema and Goby lean toward each other while they're playing.

Episode HintsEdit


  • Both Goby and Deema had/have different people voicing them when they sing.