This page is for information regarding the official games related to Bubble Guppies that can be found on websites! And also not online and on consoles instead. Please be accurate if you have anything to share, and feel free to include pics!

Some games will not be listed, as they are only available through the Bubble Guppies Official Fanclub first. But it's been said they will eventually be added to the other list of games also. While some can be played with console, like XBOX 360, Nitendo Wii and Nintendo DS

Console GamesEdit

Nickelodeon Dance 2Edit

The dance party's bigger than ever in Nickelodeon Dance 2! Join new characters from Team Umizoomi and Bubble Guppies, as well as returning favorites from Dora the Explorer, The Fresh Beat Band and more as you dance, sing and workout with 30 all-new Nickelodeon songs and routines!
. It's going to be released on 6th November 2012, in XBOX 360 and Nintendo Wii


  • 30 party tracks include chart-toppers from hit Nickelodeon TV shows like The Fresh Beat Band, Bubble Guppies, Dora the Explorer, Team Umizoomi, and The Backyardigans.
  • Parents can help sing-along to kids' favorite songs using on-screen lyrics!
  • New "Freeze Dance" mode keeps you on your toes with a twist on the classic game 'musical statues'.
  • Enhanced "Workout" section promotes heart-healthy activities like arm circles and lunges.
  • Original dance routines developed especially for kids with the guidance of an Emmy-recognized children's dance choreographer.

Bubble Guppies (DS)Edit

Not much news about this game, but it will be released at 6th November 2012, in Nintendo DS


  • Your child will make a splash learning with Molly, Gil, Deema, Nonny, Oona, and Goby in this swim-sational journey!
  • Bubble Guppies help young gamers explore the farm, the city, an
    Bg game
    d more: play hide-and-seek with energetic Bubble Puppy, answer questions with clever Mr. Grouper, and celebrate with the silly Little Fish.
  • Kids engage in active learning of preschool and Kindergarten topics including number recognition with Subway stops, pattern completion when planting vegetables, shape and color identification at the Racetrack and matching while feeding farm animals.
  • Kid-tested and created in collaboration with Nickelodeon's education expert.
  • No Punctuation 256 character limit

Nick Jr Draw and Play App (iOS)Edit

Nick Jr Draw and Play combines intuitive and easy to use drawing, coloring and painting tools with a set of magical
effects that kids can use to create amazing artwork! Animated stickers, magic wands, spinning splatter-tops, fireworks, bouncing balls and surprise blocks go together to make interactive creations that they can play with again and again.

Guided-play activities include Picture ideas and eCards, and parents can share their child’s artwork via email and Facebook.
• Easy to use interface with 8 different brushes for drawing and painting
• Dora the explorer, Milli, Geo and Bot of Team Umizoomi, and the Bubble Guppies coloring pages
• 60 Animated Stickers
• Fireworks, Splatter Tops, Magic Wands and Surprise Blocks to create amazing effects in your pictures
• eCards
• Picture ideas to help jump-start your child's imagination
• Animated Tutorials
• Airplay
• Sharing for parents via email and Facebook
• Parental Controls

Animal School Day (iOS)Edit

Dive into learning with Bubble Guppies: Animal School Day! This educational app brings to life a silly, swim-sational school day with the Bubble Guppies, allowing kids to join Molly, Gil, Mr. Grouper and all their fish-tailed friends!
Bubble Guppies: Animal School Day teaches kids all about animals and allows them to take part in a fin-tastic day of play at school! Through a series of interactive games, kids will learn about animal diet, animal habitats and animal attributes- what penguins like to eat, where baby giraffes live, and what zebras and clownfish have in common (stripes!). As kids follow any of the ten featured animals and complete an Animal School Day, they earn a Gold Star - a Gold Starfish, that is – which rewards them and encourages them to earn more! And along the way, kids will laugh along with the Bubble Guppies’ animal-themed jokes such as: What kind of dog has the cleanest hair? A sham-poodle!
In addition to playing through an entire Animal School Day, kids can choose to play one of the four rich and

replayable educational games on their own.

• Circle Time: A game about animals attributes
• Field Trip: A game about animal habitats
• Treat Shop: A game about what animals eat
• Lunch Time: A game about what we eat
After every game, kids earn a reward sticker or a toy for the Bubble Guppies’ favorite animal – Bubble Puppy! They can then visit and decorate Bubble Puppy’s Doghouse to see and interact with the rewards.
Bubble Guppies: Animal School Day is also loaded with features that make this app a must-have in the Education category:
• Learn the names and attributes of 40 different animals
• Earn stickers and toys to decorate Bubble Puppy’s Doghouse
• Curriculum developed and reviewed by preschool education expert
• Game instructions delivered by the voices of the Bubble Guppies and Mr. Grouper
• Player profiles that allow up to four children to play and save their progress on the same device
• Kid-tested age-appropriate learning games

So put on your water-wings, and jump in for learning and laughs with Bubble Guppies: Animal School Day!

Online GamesEdit

Bubble Puppies Bubble PopEdit

In this game, players will only be required to use their mouse. It is single player only. It's recommended ages 3-6 but anyone can play it! It's developement skills is labled as "Explore With Us".

"Bubble Puppy loves biting bubbles, so Molly and Gil are making it into a classifying game where your child can team up with Bubble Puppy!"

The game's goal is to sort items belonging to categories listed by Molly and Gil. There's multiple locations, such as a music store, farm, grocery store, or things that relate to the mail and dinosaurs and much more! Click on the right item for the category and get a point, pop a bonus bubble (a bubble with a dog bone inside of it) and get 25 points! Make your way through three different categories, and you've done it!

Parent Tip: Encourage kids to play to the end so they can get their paws on their very own Bubble Puppy's Bubble Pop certificate!

Halloween PartyEdit

This game requires a mouse and single player. Also a printer if you wish to print out your special creations. It teaches the skill of "Create With Us".

"Come on everybody, let's get all dressed up to party! First, kids can use their mouse to pick a spook-tacular setting. Next, they can click on their favorite characters and drop them into the scene. Kids can choose fin-tastic costumes for each character to wear. It wouldn't be a Halloween party without decorations! Gamers can add a bat, a not-so-scary scarecrow, a cauldron, and more fright-night decorations to the scene. When complete, kids can print their party picture or start all over again!"

Parent Tip: After kids dress up the characters, help them cast a spell by clicking on the magic wand and then on a Guppy. Something humorously haunting will happen!

Bubble Puppy blows a bubble, then pops it. Gil swims in a big circle, Nonny talks while waving his arms, Oona summons the 3 little fish and gives them food/candy as they swim off and she giggles, Goby makes a lunch joke, Deema begins to sing, and Molly pulls out a trick or treat pumpkin.

Bubble Guppies Classroom PlayEdit

This game works like the Halloween game. But this one takes place in class while the drawings are all flat and there isn't any costumes and it lacks special animations involving the use of a magical wand.

The Lonely RhinoEdit

In this game, Gil and Molly try to find friends for the lonely rhino! Controlling Molly and gil, you use the Up and Down arrows to move the vehicle, as well as Space Bar, which causes them to jump. Which comes in handy when trying to avoid obstacles!

After collecting so many items you must then guess which animal friend you managed to find for the Lonely Rhino.

Fin-tastic Fairytale AdventureEdit

A mean witch used her bubble potion to turn Bubble Puppy into a frog! Help Molly and Gil save him by collecting and counting ingredients to put in their magic potion This game teaches single player playability and helps develope "count with us".

Move your mouse back and forth to guide Molly and Gil through the forest to collect ingredients. But watch out for the witch's traps and other obstacles! Move around them or click the left mouse button to jump over them.

Guide Molly and Gil into the pixie dust and enchanted flower for a special boost. After you've collected each ingredient, Molly and Gil will count them with you! Once all of the ingredients are found, click the left mouse button to pop the bubbles and add them into the potion. Then move your mouse side to side, and soon enough, the potion will be complete!


  • Bubble Guppies Fin-tastic Fairytale Adventure is one of the only times the bubble in the Bubble Guppies logo is different in color. Instead of being a bright blue, bubbly color, it is green.