Gil (born March 17) is a hyper young male guppy - if he sees a ball, he has to throw it; if he finds an electric guitar, he has to play it; if there's a pig costume around, you can be sure he'll be oinking in no time; if he sees a truck, he'll being trucking in no time. He is Goby's good friend. Gil's upbeat energy and insatiable curiosity is infectious, so he's great at encouraging others to join in his adventures. You can be sure he'll deliver some friendly slapstick humor along the way. He is often the subject of a cons,ski ski Gil sucks at everything and is the most weirdest charecter ever

continuing joke that repeats during the episodes. Gil's favourite colour is purple, as seen in the episode: The Crayon Prix!. Along side of Molly (and in one song, Deema), he is the only character to sing the pop songs. His favorite food is pizza and apple juice as seen in Happy Clam Day! His favorite funniest lunch is A “Ham”bulance on Rye.

Gil is messy; he's always been struck by lightning or just getting bad luck. Gil's very silly when it comes to the sketches before the guppies are shown playing or talking after lunch. He's always being chased by animals, objects and even planets! Gil is a (usually) brave, not very cautious boy guppy, he never over thinks anything, he just goes with it. He also loves to play music, including singing and dancing. He tends not to do so well under pressure, as seen in the Grumpfish Special!. He is voiced by Zachary Gordon (US) and Hayden Hunter

Social LifeEdit

Gil's social skills is apprentice-leveled. He's good at speaking, but not as good as Goby or Molly. Gil's age could be almost 8. Gil uses low vocabulary when speaking to the viewers.


Gil has light gamboge skin, frizzy rainy song blue hair, and brilliant azure eyes. He has a medium, pale, and forest green camouflage patterned tail. He usually doesn't wear tops because he is a merman (male mermaid). In Good Hair Day, his hair is too long, so Miss Jenny cuts it just the way he likes it.

Name of Feature Image Name of Colour
Hair 50px Rainy Song
Eyes 50px Brilliant Azure
Skin 50px Light Gamboge


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Molly and Gil are the best of friends and they are often seen next to one another. They're both the main characters in the series as well as the show's co-hosts. They are hints that he may have a crush on her as for the two of them have hugged three times and Gil often tries to make her laugh! which is evidence that he doesn't have a crush on Molly. In the end of Good Hair Day, she compliments him that she likes his haircut and he thanks her even though that's what normal everyday friends would do.


Goby and Gil are best friends. They always play together and they'll never leave each other's side! They are both right handed and they have the same interest. Goby sees Gil as a brother and best friend. These best friends have a couple of story segments together, and they often walk to school together. They both love rock and roll as well.
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Gil and Deema are both great singers and great dancers. Besides Molly they do most of the main singing and dancing. They are also great friends.
File:Gila nd deema at bus.png
have almost the same personality. In the episode Call a Clambulance! they are seen holding hands, but in fear.


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Gil and Oona are close friends. They are interested in the same things. They love to scare each other, play around and sometimes tease each other. In Can You Dig It?, throughout the episode, Oona was tricking Gil into thinking there was a real dinosaur until the end of the episode when he realized it was her. These two good friends also do a few story segments together.


Nonny and Gil are very good friends. They both like to hang out with each other. They like to play together and are good friends, despite their different personalities. Gil is nice to Nonny and helps him out like in Fishketball when he helps Nonny catch the ball. Gil has been shown to respect Nonny's intelligence.

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Gil is good at singing, dancing, and could possibly be a comedian someday, due to his goofy personality.

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Gil's singing voice has gone higher since Season 1. He is fond of singing long and high notes. This is because his voice actor has changed. In Season 1, he'll normally just sing a few notes at a time. He has done many dance songs and pop songs in Season 2, more than in Season 1.


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Gil's dancing is very advanced. He and Goby are very good dancers. He has been a background dancer in many episodes, songs and field trips. Gil has done many dances in season 1, 2 and 3.


Gil's musical ability is similar to the other guppies. He plays in a professional way, as if he had mastered an instrument overnight. He has mastered the 3 primary instruments
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common to the Bubble Guppies series: vocals (see "Singing" article), guitar, and drums. Gil has played both kinds of guitars only in Season 1 (acoustic in Who's Gonna Play The Big Bad Wolf" and electric in We Totally Rock). Gil has played the drums only twice: At the concert in We Totally Rock!, and in the Big Warm Friendly Smile pop song from the episode A Tooth on the Looth, and . In later episodes, such as Only the Sphinx Nose! and Bubble Duckies!, he goes back to playing electric guitar during the pop song segments.


Gil has appeared in every episode but his Main Character appearances are:


Episode What Happened to Gil?


Who's Gonna Play the Big Bad Wolf?

Gil was trying to settle the little fish. But was chased by them, when they were acting as wolves.

Call a Clambulance! Gil was taking the Fish's temperature then A big Blue fish came and said: AHHHH. His breath power was so strong that Gil got pushed away. 100px
The Lonely Rhino!

Gil was thrown into a pool of cold water by penguins.

Firefighter Gil to the Rescue Gil was sprayed with water from a hose form a fire hydrant. 100px
Check It Out! Gil was sprayed with water from reading a book about water. This one probably didn't make much sense. 100px
Gup, Gup and Away! Gil's plane seat crushed him in the forward position when he was playing with the buttons, and then it knocked him back into a fling. In the end sketch, Gil was chased by a plane. 100px
Call a Clambulance! Molly scared Gil with her skeleton 100px
Happy Clam Day! Gil had a phobia of B's and the letter B appeared so he swam away with fear 100px
Fishketball! Gil was hit in the face with a meatball 100px
Super Shrimptennial Celebration! Gil had a pigeon on his head 100px
The Spring Chicken is Coming! Gil got rained on 100px
The Cowgirl Parade! Gil was tied up in a lasso 100px
X Marks the Spot! Gil got Tangled by a Pirate Rope 100px
Happy Clam Day! Gil was chased by a literal stampede 100px
Check It Out! Gil got sprayed by water when reading a book about camels 100px
Tooth on the Looth! Gil was squirted on in the mouth with toothpaste 100px
The Moon Rocks! Gil got chased by Starfish 100px
The Moon Rocks! Gil was chased by the planet Jupiter in the middle sketch, and in the end sketch acting like an alien 100px
The Grumpfish Special! Gil was waiting as a waiter 100px
The Spring Chicken is Coming! Gil got rained on by a cloud 100px

Gil Preformed a scare trick

Construction Psyched! Gil got covered with dirt by a dump truck 100px


Gil got covered in ice cream, garbage, and sprayed by water


The Sizzling Scampinis!

Gil managed to throw a pie at Molly's face, but he failed so he dropped the pie on his own face. Next sketch, Gil was juggling balls, this made Molly a bit nervous looking when he was actually juggling "fish".

Sir Nonny The Nice Gil run or swim away for moving knight armor controling by Goby, Deema, Oona 100px
Bubble Duckies! Gil brings a plastic eagle of what pigeons are scared of. Gil shows up some birdseed and the pigeons fly away. However, a real eagle shocks Gil on sight, and drops the bag of birdseed. 100px
We Totally Rock! To catch his attention, Molly played her guitar very loudly with an amp 100px
Can You Dig It? Gil tries to warn her to run away from the dinosaur. But when he slowly realizes it was her, she roars again! 100px