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Season 1 Edit

Call a Clambulance! Edit

  1. Got scared by Molly and a skeleton
  2. A big blue fish says "Ahh."and blew Gil off the screen.

The Crayon Prix! Edit

  1. Got splated by bubbles
  2. Spilled pink paint on himself
  3. The little fishes chased him

Bubble Puppy! Edit

  1. The little fishes pretends to be cats and dogs and it scared Gil

Build Me a Building! Edit

  1. Worn himself in a hole

Ducks in a Row! Edit

  1. Molly crashed the cymbals and the shot Gil
  2. Bubble puppy the fish and a duck scared him

The Moon Rocks! Edit

  1. Starfish chase him and say "pizza."
  2. The planet Jupiter chased him

Who's Gonna Play the Big Bad Wolf? Edit

  1. Little fishes dressed like wolves chase him.

We Totally Rock! Edit

  1. Molly plays the guitar with a giant loudspeakers and it blows Gil away
  2. A crab pinched him.

Fishketball! Edit

  1. Got splated by a meatball.

The Legend of Pinkfoot Edit

  1. Bubble puppy startled him.
  2. Goby startled him.

Gup, Gup, and Away! Edit

  1. Got hit by his seat and got flinged away.
  2. Chased by a plane.

The Spring Chicken is Coming! Edit

  1. Got wet by a cloud

Boy Meets Squirrel Edit

  1. Scared by a bird scared by caterpillars and chased by them.

Have a Cow! Edit

  1. Chased by chickens who are in love with him and he got kissed by them.

Super Shrimptennial Celebration! Edit

  1. He got ticked by shrimp.
  2. Startled by a pigeon.

Happy Clam Day! Edit

  1. Chased by the letter B.
  2. Chased by a herd of stamps.

Can You Dig It? Edit

  1. Got roared by Oona

Bubble Bites Edit

  1. Spilled by a pile of oranges and cans and bubble bites.

Haunted House Party Edit

  1. Got scared by Molly and a bat.
  2. Scared of his own reflection.
  3. He and Molly got scared from a ghost.

Season 2 Edit

X Marks the Spot Edit

  1. Bubble puppy nabs the flag and hung Gil up

The Lonely Rhino Edit

  1. Run over by penguins
  2. Got sprayed by an elephant

The Cowgirl Parade Edit

  1. Got chased by a cow.

Firefighter Gil to the rescue! Edit

  1. Got flung away by a hose.
  2. Got sprayed by a hose.

A Tooth On The Looth Edit

  1. Chased after a tooth brush

Humunga-Truck! Edit

  1. Got sprayed by a hose dumps out garbage and spills ice cream.

Check It Out! Edit

  1. Got sprayed by water

The Beach Ball! Edit

  1. A giant clam chased him

The Sizzling Scampinis! Edit

  1. A fish roads at him and he blown off the screen.

Construction Psyched! Edit

  1. Got dumped by dirt and sand
  2. Hung himself up on a crane
  3. Got chased by el-dozer

Bubble-Cadabra Edit

  1. He got blown away by bubble puppy and he blown away by an elephant

Only the Sphinx Nose! Edit

  1. Goby with a crocodile mask startled him.
  2. Got sprayed by water and sand.

Sir Nonny the Nice! Edit

  1. He fell down
  2. He knocked a pile of suit of armour over
  3. Got startled by bubble puppy
  4. Deema Oona and Goby startled him by being a suit of armour

Bubble Duckies! Edit

  1. Got blown away by a parrot
  2. Got birded by pigeons
  3. Got startled by an eagle

Triple-Track Train Race Edit

  1. Got startled by a cow.

Bring on the Bugs! Edit

  1. Got chased by a swarm of flies.

Good Hair Day Edit

  1. Got flung away by a hair dryer.

Season 3 Edit

Get Ready for School Edit

  1. The pile of blocks got knocked over
  2. The big blue fish says"Here"and it shot Gil off the screen

The Police Cop-etition! Edit

  1. He was doing the no laughing rule

The Elephant Truck-A-Dunk Edit

  1. During the lunch joke an elephant trunk pops out of the soup and blows Gil away
  2. He blows himself off the screen
  3. He was trying to play a trumpet
  4. A herd of elephants blows him away

The Super Ballet Bowl Edit

  1. He was dancing out of sync
  2. He was chased by starfish that was saying"Mimi."
  3. He was chased by some dancers who want to do tippy toe and jump

The Wizard Of Oz-Tralia Edit

  1. He got flunged by hopping like a kangaroo.
  2. He was trying to catch a boomerang

The Arctic Life Edit

  1. He got frightened by a polar bear

Puppy Love! Edit

  1. He got startled by dogs

The Puppy And The Ring! Edit

  1. He was startled by some wild animals
  2. He was chased by a bear

The Amusement Parking Lot! Edit

  1. He was trying to drive his car

Good Morning, Mr. Grumpfish! Edit

  1. He got flunged out of the screen by Molly saying"Hey Hey Hey."loudly on her microphone

The Oyster Bunny! Edit

  1. He was chased by chicks

The Unidentified Flying Orchestra! Edit

  1. He pops a bubble and got frightened
  2. Boom Boom bangs his drums and flung him out of the screen

Come to Your Senses! Edit

  1. He got licked by bubble puppy
  2. He got frightened by Mr grumpfish

The Bubble Bee-Athon Edit

  1. He got frightened by Bubble puppy
  2. He got frightened by fishes
  3. He got frightened by a bear

Party at Sea Edit

  1. He got honked off the screen
  2. He got blown away off the screen by the big blue fish

Bubble Scrubbies! Edit

  1. He sneezed himself off the screen
  2. He slip on some soap
  3. He got splashed by bubble puppy

Swim-tastic Check-Up! Edit

  1. He was running out of sync
  2. The balloon pop and he landed on the ground
  3. He got blown away by the big blue fish

Gobble Gobble Guppies! Edit

  1. He toke a leaf and some more came down

A Very Guppy Christmas! Edit

  1. He got shocked by a horse

Puddleball Edit

  1. He got soaked by the cloud

The Running Of The Bullfrogs! Edit

  1. He landed in the pond
  2. He got frightened by the giant frog

Bubble Kitty! Edit

  1. Got frightened by Bubble Puppy
  2. Deema and Goby frightened him by pretending to be a tiger

Super Guppies Edit

  1. He got knocked over

A Dolphin is a Guppy's Best Friend Edit

  1. His dolphin got deflated
  2. He got trapped by the net
  3. He got frightened by the tiger shark

Fruit Camp Edit

  1. During the lunch joke he got tickled by the veg-tickles
  2. He got spills by the peas
  3. He was chased by lettuces

Season 4 Edit

The Glitter Games Edit

  1. Got frightened by Oona
  2. Got sharped by Bubble puppy

Costume Boxing Edit

  1. Molly scared Gil with her cat costume
  2. He got shocked when Oona blows her whistle
  3. He got shocked by Nonny in his dragon costume
  4. He got frightened by a gorilla

The New Doghouse Edit

  1. A round dough lands on him
  2. He got sprayed by the hose
  3. He was chased by the bad smell
  4. He got shocked because of the runaway cart But luckily Molly puts the letter in the mailbox

Guppy Movers Edit

  1. He got sprayed by water
  2. He got flunged out of bed because of Bubble puppy
  3. The guppies dressed up like bed bugs scared him

Batterball Edit

  1. He got iced
  2. He got sprayed with water

The New Year's Dragon Edit

  1. He got frightened by the dragon

Sheep Doggy Edit

  1. He got splat by eggs

Bubble Baby Edit

  1. He got frightened by bubble puppy

Guppy Style Edit

  1. He got chased by a cow because of his hair
  2. He got chased by some seagulls because of his hair
  3. He and the guppies got chased by the dragon

The Summer Camp Games Edit

  1. He got splat with the sprinkler and it is refreshing
  2. He got frightened by a squirrel
  3. He got splat by water balloons and it is refreshing

Trick or Treat Mr Grumpfish Edit

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