Hey, Mr. Tree is a song that Molly sings in "Boy meets Squirrel".


  • Molly (singer)
  • Gil (occasional lines)


Molly: Please, Mr. Tree please, tell me your name, what kind of tree are you?

Please, Mr. Tree please, what are you like? Do you change in the fall or do your leaves, stay that shade of green. Do you know what I meeeean?

Frogs and snakes and monkey's too would love to find a tree like you. Where they can have a comfty nest, to take a nap and get some rest. 'Squirrels sit and like to eat, Acorns, their favorite treat. Bunnies hide in roots down low, keeping warm from winter sno~ow...

Hey, hey, hey, Mr. Tree. Just what would we do, if we didn't have you or palm or oak or spruce. Who'd clean the air? or make the shade? And how would buildings get made without lum~ber.'

I wonder, just what we would do....

Think of all the things we couldn't eat. When we'd want a healthy treat. Apples, Cherries, Apricots, Peaches, Plums-

Gil: And More

Molly: And lots!

Almonds, mangos, olives, figs and dates-

Gil: Oh yeah, thank you!

Molly: Man were not supposed to do, but for now this will have to do...

Gil: Aw man, I'm still hungry...

Molly: Hey, Mr. Tree hey, Such a pleasure today, to stop and get to know you. And know we're so glad that you grow, in our yards in parks, with your different parts, leaves, branches, bark. And the roots below, oh Mr. Tree Oooh....

Tree-he-he-he, oh Mr. Tree, oh~h,

Tree-he-he-he, oh Mr. Tree, oh~h,



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