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There are so many Lunch Jokes throughout the episodes except Bubble Puppy's Fin-tastic Fairytale Adventure,The Puppy and the Ring,Good Morning Mr Grumpfish,The Temple of the Lost Puppy,Space Guppies,Bubble Baby!

Season 1 Edit

Hambulance on Rye Edit

Nonny: An egg salad sandwich

Goby: A cheese sandwich

Gil: A Hambulance on Rye

Crayon-Berry Juice Edit

Nonny: A sandwich and a box of Apple Juice

Goby: Quesadilla and a box of Grape Juice

Deema: Pita Wrap and a box of Crayon-Berry Juice

A Hot-"Dog" Edit

Oona: Baby Carrots

Molly: Milk

Goby: A Hot-"Dog"

A Hammer and Cheese Sandwich Edit

Nonny: A Salami Sandwich and an Apple

Molly: A Turkey Sandwich and a Tangerine

Goby: A Hammer and Cheese Sandwich

A Tuba-Fish Sandwich Edit

Goby: A Turkey Sandwich

Molly: A Cheese Sandwich

Nonny: A Tuba-Fish Sandwich

Three Chicken Surprise Edit

Nonny: Lasagna extravaganza

Oona: Vegetable Delight

Goby: Three Chicken Surprise

An Ice Cream Sun-dae Edit

Molly: Pizza and a Banana

Oona: Sandwich and a cookie

Deema: Sandwich and an Ice Cream Sun-Dae

Three Little Figs Edit

Nonny: A Ham sandwich and a pickle

Oona: French Bread Pizza

Deema: Three Little Figs

Microphonie and Cheese Edit

Oona: A cream cheese and jelly sandwich

Deema: Chicken tenders and a fruit roll

Goby: Microphonie and Cheese

Spaghetti and Baseballs Edit

Gil: A cheese sandwich and an Apple

Oona: Pizza

Nonny: Spaghetti and Baseballs

A Sleeping Bag Of Chips Edit

Oona: A turkey sandwich and a granola bar

Goby: A Cheese sandwich and trail mix

Nonny: A sleeping bag of chips

A Plane-Bagel Edit

Oona: A veggie sandwich on whole wheat bread

Deema: A turkey and cheese in a pita

Nonny: A Plane-Bagel

A Spring Roll Edit

Gil: An egg roll

Oona: A vegetable roll

Goby: A spring roll

Macaroni and Trees Edit

Gil: Macaroni and cheese

Oona: Marcaroni and Cheese too

Nonny: Macaroni and trees

Cheese and Tractors Edit

Oona: A Cheese sandwich with carrots and a glass of milk

Goby: A hard boiled egg and an apple

Nonny: Cheese and tractors

Horn on the Cob Edit

Goby: Hot dog

Deema: Pretzel

Oona: Horn on the Cob

Stamp-Wich Edit

Gil: Pizza and Apple Juice

Deema: A BLT

Nonny: A Stamp-wich

A Bananasaurus Edit

Oona: A vegetable Sandwich

Molly: A Cheese sandwich

Nonny: A Bananasaurus

A Can of Jumping Beans Edit

Goby: A Can of Baked Beans

Gil: A Can of Green Beans

Nonny: A Can of Jumping Beans

Sand-Witch Edit

Molly: Lettuce and Tomato on whole grain bread

Goby: Tomato and Cheese on whole wheat bread

Nonny: Sand-Witch

Season 2 Edit

Map-Aroni and Cheese Edit

Goby: A sandwich Tomato and Cheese

Oona: Turkey and Cheese

Nonny: Map-Aroni and Cheese

Spaghetwti and Snowballs Edit

Oona: Soup with Matzo Balls

Gil: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Nonny: Spaghetti and Snowballs

Maca-Rhino and Cheese Edit

Lasso-Roni and Cheese Edit

A Hamburger with Emergen-Cheese Edit

Macaroni and Teeth Edit

Truck-Aroni and Cheese Edit

A Chicken Sanwich and Lib-Berry Juice Edit

Spaghetti and Beachballs Edit

Duck Pie Edit

A Sandwich and Crane-Berry Juice Edit

Magic-Roni and Cheese Edit

A Pear-Amid Edit

A Fruit of Armour Edit

Onion Wings Edit

Track-Aroni and Cheese Edit

Apple Spider Edit

An Ice Cream Comb Edit

Season 3 Edit

Backpack-Aroni and Cheese Edit

Badge-Aroni Pizza Edit

Elephant Soup-rise Edit

Tutu-na Fish Sandwich Edit

Kanga-Roni ans Cheese Edit

Chicken Soup with Ice Edit

Chicken Poodle Soup Edit

Ma-Car-Roni and Cheese Edit

"Baby" Carrots Edit

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Peanut Butter and Smelly Sandwich Edit

Apple Juice and a Bees-Burger Edit

Potato Ships Edit

Sneezin Crakers Edit

Peanut Butter and Belly Sandwich Edit

Apple and a Roast Leaf Sandwich Edit

Maci-Pony and Cheese Edit

Mozze-Brella Sticks Edit

Hop-Corn Edit

Macaroni and Cheetah Edit

Super Salad Edit

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Veg-Tickles Edit

Season 4 Edit

Unicorn Chips Edit

Hat Dog Edit

Street-Loaf Edit

Home Fries Edit

Kitchen Pot Pie Edit

Panda-Wich Edit

Tractornoi and Cheese Edit

Corn Dog with a Hair Style Edit

Ice Cream with Sprinklers Edit

You Scream Cone Edit

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