Season 1 Edit

Episode Characters Stories Narrator Image
Call a Clambulance! Gil and Deema Jungle doctors Nonny Call A Clambulance.avi snapshot 18.05 -2012.09.08 08.30.03-
The Crayon Prix! Deema and Nonny Goby The Crayon Prix.avi snapshot 16.44 -2012.09.08 12.23.04-
Bubble Puppy! Lost count Oona Bubble Puppy.avi snapshot 18.34 -2012.09.08 12.39.51-
Build Me a Building! Lost Count Goby Build Me A Building.avi snapshot 19.16 -2012.09.08 12.44.17-
Ducks in a Row! Molly and Goby Oona Ducks In A Row.avi snapshot 18.18 -2012.09.13 19.16.48-
The Grumpfish Special! Lost Count Goby The Grumpfish Special.avi snapshot 17.49 -2012.09.15 06.35.17-
The Moon Rocks! Deema and Oona Nonny The Moon Rocks.avi snapshot 17.03 -2012.09.04 03.11.32-
Who's Gonna Play the Big Bad Wolf? Gil and Goby Molly Who's Going to Play the Big Bad Wolf.avi snapshot 17.37 -2012.09.16 07.24.45-
We Totally Rock! Lost Count Goby We Totally Rock.avi snapshot 17.21 -2012.09.16 13.07.51-
Fishketball! Deema and Oona Goby Fishketball.avi snapshot 17.34 -2012.09.17 19.39.10-
The Legend of Pinkfoot Molly Oona and Gil Nonny The Legend of Pinkfoot.avi snapshot 17.44 -2012.09.20 18.09.55-
Gup, Gup, and Away! Oona and Nonny Goby Gup, Gup and Away.avi snapshot 18.15 -2012.10.05 19.50.42-
The Spring Chicken is Coming! Lost Count Gil The Spring Chicken is Coming.avi snapshot 17.26 -2012.10.13 14.14.11-
Boy Meets Squirrel Oona Goby and Gil Molly Boy Meets Squirrel.avi snapshot 17.07 -2012.09.03 19.39.54-
Have A Cow! Gil and Goby Oona Have A Cow.avi snapshot 18.29 -2012.10.13 14.39.45-
Super Shrimptennial Celebration! Oona and Gil Goby Super Shrimptennial Celebration!.avi snapshot 17.24 -2012.10.19 17.18.37-
Happy Clam Day! Gil Goby
Can You Dig It? Oona and Gil Goby Can You Dig It.avi snapshot 17.00 -2012.10.19 17.33.42-
Bubble Bites Deema and Goby Nonny Bubble Bites.avi snapshot 16.45 -2012.10.19 22.35.20-
Haunted House Party Molly and Deema Oona Haunted House Party.avi snapshot 16.37 -2012.09.02 14.38.09-

Season 2Edit

Episode Characters Stories Narrator Image
X Marks the Spot Molly and Oona Goby X Marks The Spot.mkv snapshot 16.40 -2012.11.30 19.42.49-
The Lonely Rhino Oona and Molly Goby The Lonely Rhino.mkv snapshot 16.37 -2012.12.01 06.41.44-
The Cowgirl Parade Gil and Goby Nonny The Cowgirl Parade.mkv snapshot 15.45 -2012.12.01 16.16.25-
Firefighter Gil to the rescue! Deema Goby and Molly Nonny Firefighter.Gil To The Rescue.mkv snapshot 16.37 -2012.12.01 16.38.58-
A Tooth On The Looth Molly and Gil Nonny A Tooth On The Looth.mkv snapshot 17.15 -2012.12.01 17.21.40-
Humunga-Truck! Oona and Nonny Goby Humungatruck.mkv snapshot 15.44 -2012.12.01 22.18.02-
Check It Out! Oona and Deema Goby Check It Out.mkv snapshot 16.05 -2012.12.02 05.56.13-
The Beach Ball! Goby and Oona Nonny The Beach Ball.mkv snapshot 15.18 -2012.12.02 06.31.09-
The Sizzling Scampinis! Oona and Goby Nonny The Sizzling Scampinis.mkv snapshot 15.51 -2012.12.02 11.41.39-
Construction Psyched! Nonny and Oona Molly Construction Psyched.mkv snapshot 15.30 -2012.12.02 17.24.53-
Bubble-Cadabra Lost Count Goby Bubblecadabra.mkv snapshot 15.41 -2012.12.02 21.24.14-
Only the Sphinx Nose! Molly and Goby Nonny
Sir Nonny the Nice! Lost Count Goby 640px-Sir Nonny The Nice.mkv snapshot 14.52 -2013.03.27 19.50.31-
Bubble Duckies! Oona and Goby Nonny 640px-Bubble Duckies.mkv snapshot 15.55 -2013.01.29 21.20.41-
Triple-Track Train Race Molly and Deema Goby
Bring on the Bugs! Nonny Goby and Deema Oona
Good Hair Day Goby Molly and Deema Nonny

Season 3 Edit

Episodes Characters Stories Narrator
Get Ready for School Molly and Gil Goby
The Police Cop-etition! Oona and Gil Nonny
The Elephant Trunk-A-Dunk Oona and Goby Nonny
The Super Ballet Bowl Lost count Nonny
The Wizard of Oz-tralia Gil and Goby Nonny
The Arctic Life Molly and Deema Goby
Puppy Love! Goby and Deema Nonny
The Amusement Parking Lot! Goby and Nonny Gil
The Oyster Bunny! Molly and Deema Nonny
The Unidentified Flying Orchestra! Goby Oona and Molly Nonny
Come to Your Senses! Molly and Gil Nonny
The Bubble Bee-athon Lost Count Nonny
Party At Sea Molly Goby and Gil Nonny
Bubble Scrubbies! Molly and Gil Nonny
Swim-tastic Check-Up! Lost count Molly
Gobble Gobble Guppies! Oona and Nonny Gil
A Very Guppy Christmas! Molly and Deema Nonny
Puddleball! Molly and Goby Nonny
The Running Of The Bullfrogs! Deema and Nonny Gil
Bubble Kitty! Oona and Goby Deema
A Dolphin is a Guppy's Best Friend Molly and Deema Nonny
Fruit Camp Goby and Nonny Oona

Season 4 Edit

Episodes Characters Stories Narrator
The Glitter Games Oona and Gil Nonny
Costume Boxing Lost Count Goby
The New Doghouse Deema and Oona Nonny
Guppy Movers Oona and Nonny Goby
Batterball Oona and Goby Nonny
The New Year's Dragon Gil and Goby Nonny
Sheep Doggy Lost Count Deema
The Summer Camp Games Molly and Oona Goby
Trick or Treat Mr Grumpfish Molly Goby and Deema Nonny