Little Fish
The Little Fish are considered to be a preschool "Greek Chorus". They usually follow around to play with or join the Bubble Guppies whenever they do things and like to answer questions!

They like to swim with the guppies and act as an "escort" to the home audience members. They'll chime in with answers when the children have a chance to give their answers also.

Besides this, the Little Fish also appear in numerous other instances and announce the episode.

All of the Little Fish are voiced by Skai Jackson.


The little Fish are easily amused and delighted! They always seem to be in a good or happy mood and love to play games or swim about. Each little fish is unique with different mental skills and talents. Not all of them appear to be the same in terms of personality.

They also comment on how silly or how some lunch jokes do not make sense to them after Lunchtime segments while shifting to a Molly and Gil segment. To which sometimes a little fish may appear.


The Little Fish are small orange fish, said to officially be Goldfish. They has small black eyes and smaller orange eyebrows. They usually are seen to be smiling!

It's been shown that the Little Fish can appear in other colors. It is unknown (and highly unlikely) if they can change colors like Mr. Grouper can though. As they have not shown this skill. So while some are different colors, they typically are an orange-yellow.


  • "That's silly business!"
  • "That's ridiculous!"


  • In season 1, there were 3 little Fish. For some odd reason, in season 2, usually only 2 Fish are shown, in the fanmade episodes there's going to be 4 (2 Reddish- purple and 2 Greenish-Blue) little fish in the title and only 1 (Blue) announcing the episode. It is unknown why this changed.
  • In the moon rocks, there was a green little fish in story time.