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"It's Lunchtime!" is a song present in every Bubble Guppies episode. After the shop sketch Mr. Grouper often comes
Lunch Time!
to the shop keeper and asks them what time it is. Followed by a small song as three Guppies then proceed to head to the lunch spot and then do the joke.

In the episode "Nineteen wonders" the song is sung by four guppies (Molly, Goby Oona and Gil) with Gil holding a blue lunchbox, Oona holding a purple one, Goby holding a green one and Molly holding a pink one.

Usually after Lunch time ends they do an activity in class. Lolly Viva La Radio And Lolly Mickey Lolly Big Boys don't cry Lolly Happy Lolly Kiss Kiss Boom Boom


In this song everbody sings. Usually 5 out of 7 characters. As there's the shop keeper, Mr. Grouper, and 3 guppies.


Mr. Grouper: Excuse me, what time is it?

Manager: It's time for lunch!

Mr. Grouper: What time is it?

Students: It's time for lunch!

Mr. Grouper: What time is it?

Students: It's time for lunch!

Mr. Grouper: What time is it?

Students: It's time for lunch!

Mr. Grouper: It's lunchtime!

Students: Oona what's for lunch?

Lunch Time Jokes madeEdit

Season 1 Edit

6#Hambulance on rye (Gil) 16#Pita wrap and a box of crayonberry juice (Deema) 8#A Hot dog (Goby) 3#Hammer and Cheese sandwich (Goby) 17#A Tuba Fish Sandwich (Nonny) 4#Three Chicken Surprise (Goby) 18#A sandwich and ice cream 'sun'dae (Deema) 12#Three Little Figs (Deema) 5#Microphonie and Cheese (Goby) 2#Spaghetti and baseballs (Nonny) 7#A sleeping bag of chips (Nonny) 19#A "plane" bagel (Nonny) 13#A "spring" roll (Goby) 20#Macaroni and Trees (Nonny) 11#Cheese and Tractors (Nonny) 10#Horn on the Cob (Oona) 1#A Stamp-wich (Nonny) 9#A Bananasaraus (Nonny) 14#A Can of Jumping beans (Nonny) 15#A Sand-witch (Nonny)

Season 2 Edit

  1. Maparoni and cheese (Nonny)
  2. Spaghetti and snowballs (Nonny)
  3. Macarhino and Cheese (Nonny)
  4. Lassoroni and cheese (Nonny)
  5. Hamburger with Emergen-cheese (Nonny)
  6. Macaroni and Teeth (Nonny)
  7. Truckeroni and Cheese (Nonny)
  8. Chicken sandwich and li-berry juice (Nonny)
  9. Spagehetti and Beach balls (Nonny)
  10. Duck-pie (Nonny)
  11. Sandwich and crane-Berry juice (Nonny)
  12. Magic-roni and cheese (Nonny)
  13. Cheese sandwich and a pear-amid (Nonny)
  14. Tuna sandwich and a fruit of armour (Nonny)
  15. Grilled cheese and onion wings (Nonny)
  16. Track-aroni and Cheese (Nonny)
  17. Apple spider (Nonny)
  18. Ham sandwich and ice cream comb (Nonny)

Season 3 Edit

  1. Backpack-aroni and cheese (Nonny)
  2. Badge-aroni Pizza (Nonny)
  3. A bowl of elephant soup-rise (Nonny)
  4. Tutu-tuna fish sandwich (Nonny)
  5. KangI-roni and cheese (Nonny)
  6. Chicken soup with ice (Nonny)
  7. Chicken poodle soup (Nonny)
  8. Ma-car-roni and cheese (Nonny)
  9. Ham sandwich and baby carrots (Nonny)
  10. Juice Box with an orche-straw (Nonny)


Nonny (Bubble Guppies) Never Gets Lunch

Nonny (Bubble Guppies) Never Gets Lunch

Oona Moll Nonny Gil Goby Deema Mr.Grouper Bubble puppy 🐶


  • Nonny is the one to get the most Lunch time jokes but definately not all of them. Ironically, Oona, the girl he's paired up with barely gets any, BUT is often involved on them also.
  • The most used food items are Sandwiches and Macaroni and Cheese.
  • Molly has nineteenaroni and cheese which will be her first lunch joke with Oona. This is the first time that 2 guppies have the same joke. Molly is Oona Nonny lunch excellent Naughty lunch! Play Is Eat Lunch Crazy Daughter Silly