Molly (born May 11) is a musical young female Guppy and said to be the leader of the Bubble Guppies. She is not very considered to be the target of Gil's and her sketches, instead she tries being careful with it. She sings most of the pop songs in episodes. She is not much of a storyteller or dance-singer. Molly likes to think of others before herself. She would help if somebody gets hurt, almost in a similar way as Oona!. She is voiced by Brianna Gentiella (US) and Abirella Bierer (UK).


Molly appears to be a sapient mermaid who has light brown skin as well as light brown eyes. She has long pastel-pink hair that curves straight down towards a flip. Her right top bang may look like a large dollop of whipped cream with a small flip on the corner. She has a blue bikini top and a fish tail that both have swirly-pattern marks randomly placed. She has a taller and leaner appearance than her other friends. Her face has an animated cartoon mouth, same as her eyes being animated as 2-Dimensional. He head is known to be very large. She has 3 eyelashes sticking out from each eye and black eyebrows. Molly watches robot chicken the jetsons/grounded


A Pink For a Dress

Hair Color: Light Fuchsia

Eye Color: Moderate Vermillion

Skin Color: Brilliant Tan


Molly is a kind-hearted, cheerful, and caring girl who almost everyone likes to swim with. She never argues, gets angry, or hurts anyone that she sees. Molly may have a possible crush on Gil, who she affectionately calls "Gilly", although that is not romantic, rather friendly. While everyone else often respects her, she is a very good leader and fun to be with, especially with Mr. Grouper!

Creation & DevelopementEdit

Molly's early developed appearance had the same style as is now, but she was the tallest out of all of the guppies and had fly-away-looking hair.

Season 1Edit

Molly's debut appearance in season 1 was almost the same as her appearance from the early creation, but had very little changes; her fly-away hair was not exactly the messier way it looked before, it sometimes had hardened-looking curves sticking down on the the back of her. She had a darker palette on her bikini top and tail.

Season 2Edit

Molly's appearance has changed since the show has changed its company. Her eyebrows were a bit thicker than before her hair had more design and flair to it, and she had longer arms than from the past. Molly makes the most important role in this season, followed by Gil. She has more sync in her voice like all the other characters do. Because of this, if one hears her giggle, you can see that Molly voice actually makes a more realistic laugh compared to her season 1's old giggle.

Season 3Edit

Molly retains her season 2 appearance like all the other guppies, but she was voiced very differently, possibly to do with her voice actress. She also looked taller. In the season 3 title-theme, it is shown that she had a totally different color-palette than before. Her skin may have been darker like in season 1, but her hair stayed the same every moment. Molly makes some major roles in this season, as she sometimes desires to be another person, such as honorary junior police officer, or a ballerina. Her blue fish microphone also has an updated look, as it was changed yellow instead of the actual blue.

Relationships with other CharactersEdit

Gil Edit

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Molly has been almost always with Gil probably the whole time. She affectionately gives him the nickname "Gilly", who she may have a crush on. Sometimes, she will help or play with each other, and also likes to race the clock. Molly likes to keep her hyper friend careful from hazards, sometimes like pulling Gil in order to dodge falling objects or giving him a good example not to have anything done wrong in her and Gil's sketches. They hardly ever argue or bicker, no matter where they act. In conversation, they still care for each other. Molly can help Gil if he is about to be in trouble, and they often hold hands, hug, or pound their fists together as best friends. This may also be evidence that they don't have crushes on each other and they're only friends.


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Molly is friends with Goby as they almost see each other as a brother or sister. They like to play with each other as much as they like to play with everyone else. Molly cares for Goby almost like Gil or Mr. Grouper. They like playing in a castle such as in "Firefighter Gil to the Rescue!", or playing as cowhands in "Ducks in a Row!".


Molly is a friend of Deema.


  • Molly was the target of only one instance in a sketch-joke, that being Super Shrimptenial Celebration!.
  • It is revealed that she is going to be a big sister.
  • Molly calls out for Nick Jr.'s "Word of the Day" in the first Pirate Month of the year, making her the first guppy ever to bring out a "Word of the Day" month, second being Gil, for two months.
  • In 3D, her bangs curl inwardly, while they do not in 2D or flat coloring-pages.
  • Molly is shown to really like princesses, she was even dressed like one in "Who's Gonna Play the Big Bad Wolf" and "The Beach Ball!", where she was added with a silver tiara.
  • Molly is the only female guppy to not be having an accessary if one did not count her blue-fish microphone, while Deema has earrings and Oona has a starfish headband.
  • Molly's catch card says that her favorite color is pink, but in "The Crayon Prix", it was revealed her actual favorite color was blue.
  • For some reason, Molly's name is "Moly" in the French/European version of Bubble Guppies.
  • Molly has been seen with the most outfits in Season 1:

1. doctor outfit.

2. racers outfit.

3. pet love t-shirt.

4. a kitty cat.

5. a builder.

6. a marchers outfit.

7. a cow herder outfit.

8. a chef outfit.

9. a waiter outfit.

10. a rock a roll outfit.

11. a ball player game.

12. a camping outfit.

13. a sweater.

14. a farmer outfit.

15. a beautiful blue dress.

16. a police officer outfit.

17. a shirt with some glasses and a camera.

18. a mail carrier outfit.

19. a party hat.

20. a dinosaur diggers outfit.

21. a shopping apron.

22. a zombie outfit.

23. a witch costume.

  • Molly's baby sisters name is Mia.
  • In the Brave Brave Knight pop song, Molly can be seen with a diva face when she fails to pull out the sword.
  • Molly has a supposed Hawaiian background.


All photos of Molly can be viewed on Molly Images.