Hugg gil

Molly: "Oh Gilly, you're okay"

This page shows the possibilities of a future relationship between the characters of Molly and Gil. Please don't filter this page with any false information or even delete the whole page.

​Molly X GilEdit


"We got this"

Besides hosts appear best friends. The friendship seemed to

be bigger and stronger in comparison to the other characters. Despite some differences between them, the two never fight or fight each other.

​General HintsEdit

  • Molly and Gil are often seen next to one another.
  • Molly is the only guppy to call Gil Gilly.
  • Sometimes during their scenes, it's seems like Gil is trying to show off for her.
  • They often swim to school together
  • Molly is usually concerened for Gil
  • Molly usually saves Gil from falling objects