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This Page is for describing what Molly thinks about Nonny. They are 1 of 9 couples in the series and as such, this page is for facts and information on the two of them together. The rarest couple.

Please keep this page accurate and do not tamper with it.  

Molly has a crush on Gil though.


  • In the best camera ever,Molly scared Nonny the 2nd time and his camera has some serious snapshots
  • In Boy Meets Squirrel, Molly complements Nonny's picture of the squirrel he met
  • and Nonny told her to go to the park to meet his squirrel friend
  • In Happy Clam Day, they did a shop segment together
  • In Haunted House Party, they held hands together
  • In Super Shrimtennial Celebration, they did a shop segment together
  • In The Grumpfish Special, Nonny saved Molly from the Rotten Tomato
  • In The Pop song: Spooky! Molly and Nonny held hands when Molly sang :"Just hold my Hand and we'll be fine!"
  • He used Mollys mic and she smiled more than the others. In he found it. 
  • They are the only two who never EVER did a storybook segment together, counting Gil and Nonny as resturant heroes.