Mr. Grouper (born April 20, 1963) is the Guppies' teacher.

Mr. Grouper lives at the school, which matches his color scheme.

Always there, he teaches the guppies, plays with them, goes on field trips, and takes very good care of each and every one of them.

Mr. Grouper is voiced by Tino Isana (US) and Stephen Full (UK).

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Almost acting like an alternate Parental figure for the Guppies, Mr. Grouper is very kind and gentle with them. He respects each and every one of them and encourages them all to follow their dreams and to never give up hope. When one of the Guppies seems sad, Mr. Grouper tries to cheer them up to the best he can. And is always up for taking them on field trips!

He's also very generous, after allowing them to adopt Bubble Puppy, and helping them open up new shops and stores if they wish.

Mr. Grouper's favorite lunch is a Garden Veggie wrap with ice tea. He loves the color Orange, and his most favorite thing to do is to take the guppies on field trips.


Mr. Grouper is a large Grouper Fish. He is light orange with multiple stripes of yellow along his back. He has a single fin, along with spines along the top of his body, almost representing hair. His fins/flippers resemble hands. He has big eyes and small brown eyebrows.

Oddly, Mr. Grouper can change colors. Which can be simple single colors, like blue, red, and pink. He also can change into patterns, as shown when he pretended to be a cow for the class and a horse for Molly.

Costumes/Outfits Edit

  • - During Spooky he dressed up as Frankenstein
  • - Super Fish!
  • - Cowboy Hat


"Excuse me sure, What time is it?"

"Let's think about it!"

"Bach like."


  • Originally, Mr. Grouper was going to Blue. This is referenced now and then during the show.
  • Mr. Grouper is apparently afraid of Vampires.
  • Mr. Grouper may really like Country Music, considering one of the few songs he's sang were themed after it.
  • His favorite colors are white and yellow and he enjoys eating a salad.
  • He can change Colors, llike, Blue, Green, Purple, Black, White, Red, Turquoise, Lime, Yellow, Gold, Emerald, Pink, Violet, Indigo, Pale, Flesh, Grey, Orange, and Beige

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