Mr. Grumpfish
Character Information
Mr. Grumpfish is an adult fish who used to be known for never liking anything. He is, as his name implies usually very grumpy and never smiles. However, his opinions and behavior was soon to change upon visiting Oona and Deema's pizza shop in "The Grumpfish Special!" after he saw the pizza with his face on it. He found it funny and began to laugh and smile!

He is also featured in another episode, apparently having gone back to his grumpy self.

Mr. Grumpfish is voiced by Mark DeCarlo (US) and Greg Baker (UK).


As his name implies, he is a very, very grumpy fish. It is unknown exactly why he is this way, or what he seems to like or not like so much, but very few things make this grumpy fish into a very happy fish! Like gingerbread or seeing his pizza self. So happy in fact, that he'll burst into song!

It seems that while he may seem to be turn very happy, it's just as easy to make him sad or grumpy again.

Also, it's said he does not keep his manners. He never says please or thank you.


Mr. Grumpfish is a gray-blue fish that is about the size of Mr. Grouper. His colors brightly contrasting. He has two small eyes and a very big mouth. So when he frowns or smiles, it is very noticeable.


Mr. Grumpfish has appeared in five episodes of Bubble Guppies, The Grumpfish Special!, Happy Holidays, Mr. Grumpfish!, Good Morning, Mr. Grumpfish!, Come to Your Senses! and A Dolphin is a Guppy's Best Friend. During the first three of the episodes, when he becomes happy, he starts singing loud enough to blow Deema's chef hat off, or blow Deema herself away.


  • Mr. Grumpfish has been compaired to "Squidward" from Spongebob Squarepants. Due to color and his personality.