Nonny: "I hope I can catch the ball."

Gil: "Just do your best."

Nonny: "Okay."

— Gil and Nonny

Oona: "There it is... The rock of the cyclops. (stops)

Deema: Wait. The rock of the what?"

Nonny: (appears from behind a small rock) A cyclop is a giant with one eye. (back disappears)"

Deema: "Oh."

— Deema, Oona, and Nonny

Character Information
Nonny (born June 30) is a brainy, cautious, and overly calm young male guppy. He is more likely to comment on the action than get swept up in it, and he often uses an advanced vocabulary for his age. His best friends are Oona and Gil. Physical activities make Nonny a little unsure of himself, he'd rather define "basketball" than play it. Nonny likes various funny lunch.

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Nonny Robot
Brainy and smart, Nonny usually is the one to define any word thrown out there, or quicky answers Oona's questions. He is cautious because of this, and is not the one to try a sport or new thing immediately without learning as much as he possibly can first. His favorite hobby is Reading.

He is always frowning noticeably, but smiles on rare occasion. Usually when with Oona, fans have noticed. Which may hint at his feelings for her. He is pretty shy and quiet, but seems to make a curious face often as a result of being "blank" in terms of expression. But despite this, Nonny is known for his presevering spirit. He could be very intelligent. His willingness to keep trying, combined with encouragement from his friends, often leads him to triumph in the end.

Nonny dislikes yelling. His favorite color is Orange. His favorite Lunch is a Pickle and cheese sandwich with water.


Nonny Oona
Nonny's hair resembles Gil's, but it is carrot orange in color and maybe slightly messier in the bangs department. He has peach skin and green eyes. His tail is light green with thin dark green stripes.

Noticeably, Nonny wears a pair of blue glasses over his eyes, though they look like scuba goggles. He WAS NEVER seen without them, but he HAS broken them once, & went an entire day without them. That's when he IS seen without them. He is seen without them in Come to Your Senses!. But rarely may wear something over them. If he did not wear them, he may resemble Gil much more. He seems to be the thinnest of the guppies, if one looks veryclosely.

Hair Color: Carrot Orange

Eye Color: Military Green

Skin Color: Pale Gamboge

Bach Krap Joe Edit

  • Plain T-shirts
  • Patient shirt
  • Marching band costume
  • Airplane Pilots uniform
  • A blue shirt during his Post Office shop sketch
  • An orange vest over a yellow T-shirt and dark green baseball cap.
  • Magician Attire
  • Explorer/archeologist outfit
  • His rock uniform, which consisted of a leather jacket with thin straps, a black band on his upper left arm, a black studded bracelet on his right wrist.
  • In the special Fairytale/Stories episode, Nonny was the Genie in the mirror and just wore a purple genies hat with a gold orange and piece in the center.
  • A blue themed Jesters Cap
  • On Halloween, Nonny was dressed as a Vampire! He wore a white T-shirt with a dark black vampire cape and red lining on the inside, and he was seen with vampire fangs on several occasions.


"That's interesting." "Bach"

"A mastodon is like a hairy, stinky elephant."

"Ohhh Dear"

"An emergency is when someone needs help right away!"

"I caught it...I caught it!"

"Everyone keeps saying I'm very wise"


  • Nonny has made the most lunch time jokes out of all the males.
    Awwwww shes worriesd


  • Nonny is allergic to dirt.
  • Nonny's lunch time jokes strangely involve Macaroni and Cheese most of the time.
  • Nonny Usually Nonny is probably the only guppy to not say "hello" to the viewer but he does wave it to the viewer, as he usually is already sitting down at his spot. However, when he rarely does it he quickly swims over to his spot.
  • Nonny is the only guppy to have both green eyes and orange hair.
  • Compared to Season 1, Nonny smiles a lot less in Season 2.
  • His lack of smiling is finally referenced at the end of the song "Smile Pop Song"
  • Nonny likes scary ghost stories.
  • When Nonny is very excited his voice gets noticeably higher.
  • Nonny also seems to have a lot of fun playing a guitar.
  • Nonny is the only Guppy who has not hugged so far.
  • It is revealed in "Bubble Duckies" that his favorite bird is a duck.

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