Oona (born November 10, 2009) is a sweet, kind, sincere, and gentle young little girl who's empathetic and aware of other people's emotions. Oona would be the most likely to show concern for a sick friend, to notice when someone is feeling down, or to give loving care to a pet or a plant. Her best friend is Nonny, Deema, Gil and Molly and they frequently play together. When not around Nonny, Oona usually likes to hang out with Deema, and sometimes Goby or Molly. Oona has a great amount of empathy, meaning when someone is sad or unhappy she feels the exact same way! She finds limitless wonder in the world around her, and she is normally the person to ask Mr. Grouper a question and is always excited to learn the answer! Oona is voiced by Reyna Shaskan from season 1-2, Tori Feinstein from season 3 and Kallan Holley from season 4-present Her favorite funniest lunch is A Horn on the Cob.

Personality Van GoneEdit

Oona is known to be one of the sweetest, sensitive, and sincere little girl to ever exist, along with Molly! She's very gentle with friends, strangers, and animals alike and is usually the first to notice if someone feels sad, upset, hurt, or angry. Oona loves both animals and plants and takes very good care of them. If a friend seems hurt or sick, she'll usually put everything else aside out of concern and spend her time worrying over them. This can also be shown when she hugged Goby twice after he "reappeared" from a Magic Trick, thinking he really was gone. Her innocence is also what happens to make Oona very adorable!.

With a great amount of empathy, if someone is sad or unhappy she'll feel the exact same way. Oona is very curious, but she isn't careless with her curiosity. She'll usually ask Mr. Grouper about it, usually for Nonny to answer. She also is very smart and has shown a playful side every so often too!

Oona loves baby animals, fireworks, and she loves to help her friends. She dislikes crying, and her favorite color is pink. Her favorite food is cream cheese and jelly sandwiches, though her fan club card claims it to be a veggie burger with a yogurt drink.

Although she does not get as much attention Molly or Deema, or even sing as much as they do, Oona happens to appear often in the episodes and songs. As of this moment, she has stared in 3 episodes. Due to her slightly different light skin coloring and unique almond shaped eyes, it's been said that Oona is of an Asian or Puerto Rican/Dominican descent. She is also likely to have a Finnish ethnic background because her name 'Oona' is a Finnish girl name.

Her eyes are chocolate brown colored, her skin is light tan, and her hair is purple. She wears her hair in pigtails at the bottom of her head, held with pink scrunchies (rarely seen). Her bangs frame her face with multiple spikes and few at her forehead, separated by a big pink star.

Oona's attire is only a bit different from Molly and Deema's, given the fact that she does not wear a two-piece, like they do for reasons unknown. Her outfit is deep purple streaked with thick wavy hot pink stripes. She seems to have a bigger body than the other guppies, if one looks closely.


Oona's Baby Little Lamb Song Now

Little Bubble Guppies Cool

1. Head Shoulders Knees and Toes Bach

2. Peek a Boo Kinfe


"Aww. That's so nice."

"Makes sense to me."

"I see"

"Wow, Two Me's Today"


  • Deema has been shown to use affectionate pet names with Oona, most likely due to the fact that they are close friends.
  • While Oona appeares in almost all of the Lunch Time Segments, she has only got the lunch joke once.
  • Oona has played the guitar, drums, tambourine, and a clarinet. She has played drums most of the time during season 2 pop songs. However, she seems be really good at playing guitar.
  • Oona is the only guppy to wear a accessory in their hair.
  • Not counting when someone else appears during a sketch change, Oona is the only other Guppy to appear during one of Molly and Gil's sketches.
  • In a beta image of the series, Oona's head looked a bit different then the others while her pigtails looked smaller and her one-piece outfit covered her entire body, except her arms. Her color was Red, with shiny pink areas. Her eyes also had the same shape as the other guppies.
  • Oona uses a blue backpack.
  • Oona is wearing a purple dress to go to the farm at night
  • In "The Spring Chicken is Coming!" Oona had a vegetable roll for lunch, yet it looked suspiciously like a sushi roll.
  • During the summer on the Nick Jr Channel, Oona appears almost exclusively during the commercial with a mixture of Nick Jr Characters. At the very end she says, "Come play with us" and is holding a ball and wearing Deema's sunglasses from "Choose The Right Ball".
  • Compared to the other Guppies, Oona appears many times on the Nick Jr Channel between segments and commercials for the channel.
  • The song "Nineteen (Dance version)" is the very 1st song to have Oona sing it.
  • Oona was the first Guppy to reveal family a member. During the episode Bubble Puppy's Fin-tastic Fairytale Adventure,she visits her Grandmother's house to get cookies.
  • 'Oona' is a Finnish girl name. This gives a hint that Oona might be part Finnish.
  • Oona has a little fish friend named Avi
  • Somethings Oona did on season one repeat onto season three.
  • Oona has three sisters named Julie, Emma, and Kayla
  • Bach Maybe