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Oona and NonnyEdit

Nonny and Oona seem to be best friends, both of them are quiet, think carefully, and are thoughtful of others. They also seem to not get as much attention as their friends but they don't mind in the least! Oona is very caring of everyone and tries to comfort Nonny if he seems down. While Nonny always answers Oona when she may have a question, and seems to be shy with Oona but will (usually) only smile to her when he normally is rather blank in terms of expression.

General HintsEdit

  • Both Nonny barely lead sings and Oona doesn't ever sing and both guppies are backup dancers in pop songs. Though they are often featured heavily in both Pop Songs and Dance Songs
  • Even if they have no direct interaction with one-another, they will appear NEXT to each other most of the time.
  • Oona is always beside with Nonny during Lunchtime and she is the one to usually ask him what he brought for lunch
  • They're together during the Outside song.
  • Both Oona and Nonny usually sit together during class during the beginning with the seats or at tables.
  • In the Theme Song they're the two together who sing "Guppies, Guppies!" the second time, dance together, and are shown clapping together.
  • In the Bubble Guppies Fanclub printable fact cards, Oona and Nonny's cards are together.

Song HintsEdit

  • A Color Just Right shows them dancing together in multiple instances
  • The Restaurant song has them sharing a table together, perhaps on a date?
  • In Construct With Me, Oona smiles over to Nonny, who smiles back at her.
  • During It's A Beautiful Day Oona and Nonny lay on the blanket next to each other.
  • Near almost the end of At The Beach, Oona and Nonny are sharing an umbrella together way in the background.
  • In Our Beautiful Sun Oona and Nonny ride a comet together.
  • In Come to Your Senses!, Nonny is looking for the bathroom, but his glasses are broken, so he can't see well. Luckily, Oona helped him by turning him around so he could see where the bathroom was.

Episode HintsEdit

  • In Can You Dig It? Oona was the only one to wait for Nonny when everybody was leaving the digging sight, and even tried to comfort him. She also handed him the microphone after finding the fossil. Also, after its discovered the first bone he found was just a toy, Oona had left with the others but returned a few seconds later.
  • Near the end of The Crayon Prix! Oona was the one to tell Nonny he could do it, when it was his turn for the obstacle.
  • In Gup, Gup, and Away!, Constrution Psyced, Humunga-Truck!, and Gobble Gobble Guppies, Nonny and Oona shared the recess sketch in all 4 episodes in a row..
  • Also in Humunga-Truck! they share an Ice Cream Truck together.
  • During Fishketball! Nonny was introduced right after Oona.
  • In Boy Meets Squirrel Oona talked with Nonny
  • In __, Oona and Nonny were seen coloring pictures together.
  • Usually in episodes staring Nonny, Oona will have a lot of involvement.
  • In The Police Cop-etition, Nonny and Oona are paired together and during the training, they both hold hands when crossing the road.
  • In Bubble Scrubbies, Nonny puts hand sanitizer on Oona's hands, so she doesn't get germs.
  • In Party At Sea, Oona and Nonny are seen charting the course on the ship.
  • In Bubble Baby, Oona cuddled Nonny's head


Bubble Guppies - All About Oona And Nonny

Bubble Guppies - All About Oona And Nonny