This page is a Directory page for All characters who are not major characters featured in Bubble Guppies. Ranging from minor characters, story characters, non-episode important characters and so fourth.


For example:

  • Doctor: A kind lobster woman who had been the one to help Avi. Originally a Catfish
  • Jackson: A young boy who was examined by the dentist
  • Jackson's Mother: The mom of Jackson.
  • Dusty: A cowgirl Molly and Gil met when she was out one day preparing for the parade coming up


For example:


For example:

  • Mrs. Pinkytoe: A small crab woman Gil met after returning a run-away shopping cart. She offered him some Bubble Bites for Bubble Puppy and at the end of the episode Gil returned the favor.

Other FishesEdit

For example:

  • Avi: A small fish friend of Oona's who accidentally got hurt when he fell off of his bike and had to be rushed to the Hospital to get a tail x-ray.
  • Avi's Mother: Avi's mother called the Hospital after Avi fell and she went with him to see the Doctor.
  • Mr. Grumpfish: A very grumpy fish who wasn't happy until Deema and Oona opened their pizza shop and he was very happy with his pizza! Though he seems to have gone back to being a bit grumpy as of late...
  • Cameron the Clownfish - A silly comedian fish who was a friend of Gil, he was only in the old series

Storybook CharactersEdit

For example:

  • The Rotten Tomato: A villain who turned his victims into pickles!
  • Color Monster: A sea monster who appears during the story segment in "The Crayon Prix!" He kept breaking the tubes of the color factory that Deema and Nonny worked at. He would suck the colors from the tubes until Deema finally told him to stop and they made a rainbow for him to eat/drink from.
  • Marching Bandit: A thief who kept stealing Molly and Goby's cows during story time.
  • Sad Gorilla: A lonely Gorilla who appears in a story. He wasn't hurt or sick, but wanted friends instead!


For example:

  • Fake Skeleton: Appearing in the episode "Call a Clambulance!" it appears in momentarily in a sketch, along with Molly's song, "A Bunch of Bones". Both times Gil was controlling it.
  • Ducks: A hazardous group of Ducks who wished to dance with the marching band!
  • Bud: A big dog belonging to Mrs. Pinkytoe. He loves Bubble Bites as much as Bubble Puppy!
  • Tooth Fairy: Oona plays her throughout an episode dealing with teeth.
  • Rusty: Dusty's faithful and courageous horse!
  • Calf: A small/baby cow who had been frightened after a Balloon popped. Molly then proceeded to save it from falling off the nearby cliff and she managed to calm it down and guide it back safely.
  • Vampire Catfish - a vamprire who was only in the old series


  • Many of the residents in Bubbletucky are Lobsters or Snails.