Early on in every episode, usually after Mr. grouper tells the Guppies (and viewers) about a certain subject, a song will begin to play. This is known as "the pop song". Sometimes near the end of the episode a reprise of it may also play, like for example, A Bunch of Bones.

While others have sung the Pop Song, usually it is Molly who sings them.

To see a list of pop songs please view: List of Songs

For information on the other types of songs that appear in the series view: Dance Songs. The guppies don’t use the fish microphone when they dance a song.


  • Gil is the only male to have been a lead singer in a Pop song. Nonny rarely sings and Goby tends to have bigger parts in Dance Songs
  • Oona is the only female to not have led a Pop Song (Until Nineteen wonders ). Nonny is the only male not to as well. She does however appear in all songs almost with sometimes big parts. She also was one of the females to be in the very first Reprise.
  • A Bunch of Bones is the most popular Pop Song
  • Deema sang the pop song bubble city instead of Molly
  • Sometimes other guppies sing the pop songs instead of Molly
  • Bulid me a building had the dance song first and then the pop song