This page is for information regarding the stories told in every episode after the guppies head Outside. Usually it is told by one person, while 2 or 3 of the guppies act it out.

This page will include pictures and information. But for a more detailed description on the story itself please visit the page of the episode its in to avoid clutter on this page. It’s usaully Nonny who reads the stories.

Season 1Edit

Call a Clambulance!Edit

  • Name: Jungle Doctors
  • Story Teller: Nonny
  • Characters: Gil and Deema
  • Overview: Gil and Deema travel around a jungle to fix up some hurt and sick animals. They keep being chased by a Gorilla.

The Crayon Prix!Edit

  • Name: The Color Monster
  • Story Teller: Goby
  • Characters: Nonny and Deema
  • Overview: Deema and Noony work in a color factory but a selfish monster keeps taking the pipes and drinking the colors himself. Sucking the colors from everything else.

Bubble Puppy!Edit

  • Story name: The Emperor and the Dragon Puppy
  • Story Teller: Oona
  • Characters: Goby and Deema
  • Overview: The emperor wanted a special pet and soon he finds a special puppy, thats part dragon!

Build Me a Building!Edit

  • Story Name: The Royal Construction Crew
  • Story Teller: Goby
  • Characters: Deema, Oona, Molly, and Gil
  • Overview: The Princess wants the construction crew to build a barrier around her precious Graham Crackers to protect them from the dragon who keeps stealing them.

Ducks in a Row!Edit

  • Story: The Cowhands and the Marching Bandit
  • Story Teller: Oona
  • Characters: Molly and Goby
  • Overview: Molly and Goby try to get a bunch of cows to go back inside but a bandit keeps taking them away!

The Grumpfish Special!Edit

  • Story: super waiter and us bust boy vs the rotten tomato
  • Story Teller: Goby
  • Characters: Nonny and Gil Molly and Deema
  • Overview: Deema want mix vegtables peas carrots and corn But rotten tomato gets in the way!
  • The moon rocks
  • Story: the alien's nap time.
  • Story teller: Nonny
  • Characters: Oona and Deema
  • overview: the space aliens want to take a nap but the alien gets in their way!

Season 2Edit

x marks the spot

story: the pirate road trip.

story teller: goby.

characters: oona and Molly

overview: molly and oona wants to go to picnic peak but the white whale gets in their way!