"The Cowgirl Parade" is the episode 5 of season 2.

It first aired March 9th, 2012.

It is episode 25 of the series.


Yee-haw! Molly wants to be a cowgirl like Dusty, the riden'-est, ropin'-est cowgirl in the parade! But when Dusty's calf gets into trouble, Molly has to use everything she's learned to save the day.




Molly tries to say when she hears Gil nearby and sees him riding on a horse ride.

She asks the viewers what he is pretending to be, but he keeps interupting her while riding until he's eventually thrown off! He then says,

After the themeEdit

The episode begins as Molly and Gil are on their way to school and they hear a small calf nearby.

They look on and follow the noise to a cowgirl and her horse.

She greets the guppies and introduces herself and her horse to Molly.

The two discuss the lasso and Dusty then mentions they need to go and get ready for the parade they'll be in.

She then invites Gil and Molly to attend the Parade later, then leaves.

Molly happily declares that she wishes she could be a cowgirl and the two of them continue on to school.

Upon arrival, Molly begins to describe what happened and what they saw.

Then Mr. Grouper asks the guppies and viewers to think of what Cowboys or Cowgirls do.

Inspiring Molly and Gil to sing I Wanna be a Cowgirl!

Shop SketchEdit

Goby goes to get something to eat at the Saloon.

Deema introduces her saloon as, She explains what Opposites are and Goby asks for a SMALL boy of spaghetti and gets a teensy-tiny bowl of spaghetti.

He then points out its too small, the opposite of SMALL, is BIG.

So he then asks for the BIG bowl of spaghetti and happily goes on to eat it, after asking for a fork and asking for a big fork.

But realizing its too big, he asks for a small fork instead.

Deema then realizes she forgot the meatball and sends it on in! It rolls it and is revealed to be huge!

Mr. Grouper then comes by to announce its Lunchtime.

Molly and GilEdit

Molly is practicing her lasso practice when Gil comes over. He asks to try and she hands it over, only for him to accidentally lasso himself! Molly giggles, then pulls the string to untie it as Gil then dizzily swims away.

Class TimeEdit

In class Molly asks Mr. Grouper to pretend to be a horse. She then rides on him when Mr. Grouper then announces its time to go outside.

Story TimeEdit

The guppies go outside to play, Goby and Gil pretend to be Cowboys as Nonny tells a story of two cowboys. Riding Zebra on a hot, african weathered day.

They walk a heard of Elephants but are interupted by a rowdy pack of hyenas. Gil tells them they need to go by, as everyone is thirsty.

The hyenna will only let them go by if they can make the sound of a Calf.

But he calls it unfunny and they all run away. Goby then spies on the Hyenna from a distance and they notice them laughing at "opposites".

They then realize that if they can be funny, the Hyenna will probably let them pass.

So they both take a moment to think of a funny opposite, deciding to pretend to be asleep, but claim to be awake! This makes all of the Hyenna burst into laughter.

Taking this opportunity they all then sneak on by.

The Hyenna's soon catch them so they quickly run and find hiding spots to get away from the pack of Hyenna.

Soon they find the lake but the Hyenna find them, only to tell them that they're funny and they don't mind sharing the water now and they all become friends and live happily ever after!

It's then time for a Dance.

Molly and Gil 2Edit

Molly continues to play with her lasso as a heard of Fish come over while pretending to be cows.

Gil keeps them in a nice heard when one suddenly swims away! Followed by even more.

Gil manages to rope one when it suddenly ties him up!

Field TripEdit

The guppies go to the towns main location in order to see the Parade.

First the marching band goes by, then followed by a bunch of cowgirls.

Then some cows, including a few calf.

It's then Dusty arrives! She greets Molly and Gil, then begins to perform for the Parade-Goers.

She invites Molly to come ride with her when suddenly the calf gets spooked by a poped Balloon.

Dusty lands into a nearby water device and Molly rides on Rusty go and save the Calf!

She sees them coming to the end of a cliff but she manages to make Rusty stop just in the nick of time! Molly then returns as the little calf runs away to be with its mommy cow.

Dusty then compliments Molly, who then hugs her in return and everyone begins to cheer for Molly as the episode ends.

Final Molly and Gil ActEdit

Gil comments on how well Molly did and once again tries his lasso as a small fish goes by.

He ropes it, only for an angry bull to come over and chase him away.

The small fish then returns and Moo's as Molly giggles



  • When the guppies go outside, you can notice that Molly's hat is different from everyone elses, this could be why that she is leader of the guppies.
  • When we first see Dusty and Rusty roping an escaping cow, an instrumental version of "The Farmer's Song" is heard in the background, from the episode, "Have a Cow!"
  • The shop skit/scene is infamous for Goby X Deema fans. As Deema is seen "subtly flirting" with Goby.